All our champions are listed  here. Click on the name to see photos and a pedigree. Most of these dogs are retired from showing and now live in loving pet homes.

66. Ch. Andi Little Dickens
65. MBISS GCh. Andi In Cahoots
64. Ch. Andi Randi Dandi
63. Ch. Andi Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy
62. Ch. Andi Amuse-Bouche
61. Ch. Andi Eddie Van Osterman
60. Ch. Andi Aubergine
59. Ch. Andi Shakin' Things Up for Cinmar
58. Ch. Andi Johnny Cash
57. GCh. Andi Casimir Pulaski
56. Ch. Andi Pardon My French
55. Ch. Andi Alexander Hamilton
54. Ch. Andi Duck Duck Goose
53. GCh. Andi Sergeant Stubby
52. BIS MBISS GCh. Andi Abracdabra
51. GCh. Andi Gotta Catch 'Em All 
50. BISS GCh. Andi Stand And Deliver
49. Ch. Andi Coming Up Roses
48. Ch. Andi Edward
47. GCh. Andi Audrey
46. Ch. Andi Little Leprechaun
45. Ch. Andi Alouette, Gentille Alouette
44. Ch. Andi Ampersand
43. GCh. Andi Miss Sassafras
42. Ch. Andi Anchors Aweigh
41. Ch. Andi Count Your Blessings
40. Ch. Andi All The Marbles
39. MBISS GCh. Andi On The Road
38. Ch. Andi Incognito
37. Ch. Andi Curious George
36. Ch. Andi Theodore
35. Ch. Andi Winston Churchill
34. BISS GCh. Andi On Deck
33. GCh. Andi At The Zoo
32. Ch. Andi Animal
31. Ch. Andi Short Stop
30. Ch. Andi Optimistic
29. Ch. Andi As You Wish
28. Ch.Andi All Things Considered
27. Ch.Andi Start Me Up Twyceluvd
26. Ch. Andi Ruby Tuesday
25. Ch. Andi Aphrodite
24. Ch. Andi Rikki-Tikki-Tavi
23. BISS GCh. Andi Adonis
22. Ch. Andi Absolutely Fabulous
21. GCh. Andi Louie Louie
20. Am. Can. Ch. Andi Alibi
19. Ch. Andi Afternoon Delight
18. Ch. Andi Domo Arigato, Mr. Roboto
17. Ch. Andi Benjamin Button
16. Ch. Andi Sister Mary Margarita
15. MBISS Am. Gch. Can. Ch. Andi Atomic Superman
14. Ch. Andi Atomic Instant Karma
13. Ch. Andi Lady Marmalade
12. Ch. Andi Sister Golden Hair Surprise
11. Ch. Andi Mi Amigo Fernando
10. Ch. Andi Oh My Darling
9. Ch. Andi Sir Lancelot
8. Ch. Andi Prince Audacious Godwin
7. Ch. Andi Fluff 'N Nonsense
6. Ch. Andi Zuider Zee
5. Ch. Andi Chew On This
4. Ch. Andi Kati-Bug
3. Ch. Andi Ravishing Raphael
2. Ch. Andi Walking With Mr. Schulz
1. Ch. Andi's Just Spike It

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